Secondary Programs

Holt Public Schools believes in a comprehensive model that provides flexible programming options for students. Our Secondary Programs are designed to allow students to discover their values, passion, and purpose (skill, interest, career, service). By doing so, they will be able to transition smoothly from their Holt High School experience to a two year/licensing program, a 4+ year program, or directly into a career.

Student Educational Development Plans help guide students as they explore their strengths, interests, and skills (also known as their "EDP" this is completed annually using Xello, an online tool). The work they complete in their EDP helps them understand how the personal values, interests, and skills they have now can translate to high-wage, high-demand occupations, and what the post-secondary educational path to get to that occupation might include. 

Holt Public Schools strives to innovate, educate, and inspire our students to be the next great leaders in a 21st Century economy.  The programming options you will find here are intentionally designed to fast-track students to college and/or a career in an area they have identified as an interest. 


Did you know that Holt Public has resources and tools for our students to discover their interests and abilities and apply them to their educational pathway? One of those tools is a new platform called Xello and is available to our students (grades 7-12) as they develop their Educational Development Plans (or EDPs). We believe when students become aware of their skills, abilities, and interests and can see how they translate to high-wage high-demand career fields and college programs, that many become increasingly engaged in their educational experience. Using Xello to complete EDPs is also a great way for students to discover how Holt’s flexible programming options can position them to be uniquely prepared for their future college and/or career plans. Holt Public Schools strives to innovate, educate, and inspire our students to be the next great leaders in a 21st-century economy, utilizing Xello is one tool that can help our students in that pursuit.

If you have any issues using Xello you can get help on the Xello Support website.


Energy Industry Fundamentals (EIF) is an elective career pathway program in partnership with Michigan Energy Workforce Development Consortium, Consumers Energy, Power 4 America, and Lansing Board of Water and Light. Holt High School students can sign up for this first-semester class that enables them to get hands-on experience in the energy industry during their senior year. Students gain the skills and knowledge necessary for these types of careers in flexible learning environments, thanks to our program partners creating onsite learning experiences. This class can lead to an industry-recognized EIF Certification, articulated credit at Lansing Community College, and a second-semester work-based learning placement. The EIF program is an excellent first step for students into a high-demand, high-wage career in the Energy Industry.  

Junior students can sign up for EIF at scheduling time, but will also need to complete an application and turn into EIF Teacher, Mr. Mark Frantz at North Campus or to Director of Secondary Programs, Mr. Lucas Schrauben in the counseling office at Holt High School.

Share your interest in the Energy Industry Fundamentals Program with us by completing this online form.

Did you know that Holt Public has a program for the student who is an aspiring builder, electrician, or skilled trades person? The Greater Michigan Construction Academy (or GMCA) is an educational pathway Holt Public offers to students who are interested in a career in the construction trades. 

Construction trades offer high-wage high-demand careers and Holt Public Schools & GMCA want to help students become prepared in a skilled trade for a successful career of their own. Holt Public offers flexible learning environments for all students. Students in this program begin their day at the GMCA Lansing Campus for the first two hours of the school day and finish the remainder of the day at the Holt High School. This program is available to Juniors or Seniors and students must have their own transportation to and from the program.

If you’re interested in learning more or signing up, please complete the online interest survey and we will let Mr. Schrauben know. If you're at Holt High School, you can also stop by the Counseling Office and ask to see him.

The 2020 Holt Aviation Academy Sign Up is now open!

Did you know that Boeing’s new 2019-2038 Pilot and Technician Labor Outlook, one of the most recognized labor resources in the Aviation Industry, projects the need for 804,000 new pilots, 769,000 new maintenance technicians, and a total of over 2.1 million new aviation personnel needed in the next 20 years? Working backward, that is 296 new aviation professionals needed PER DAY, FOR 20 YEARS. 

The Holt Aviation Academy is designed to help position our students to be able to take advantage of those high-wage high-demand job opportunities in the Aviation industry. Check out last year’s highlight video!

Our program, open only to Holt High School students at this time, immerses students into the Aviation Industry. Students will complete Pilot Pathway classroom lessons that articulate to Great Lakes Flight Ventures if they pursue their Pilot’s License. Students will also take field trips to Western Michigan University's nationally celebrated Aviation School, the Lansing Airport to visit a private jet and see what a career as a business pilot is like, as well Mason Airport to fly in a flight simulator and see airplane mechanics and the operations of a smaller airport. 

The Academy meets on delayed-start Wednesday mornings and students will need their own transportation. Thanks to grants from local support groups (Holt Education Foundation & Meemic Insurance Company) and Holt Public Schools, the cost per student is minimal. If this presents an issue, please don’t let that stop you, see Mr. Schraruben about trading volunteer hours in the community if needed.

Next Steps: 

  1. Sign up here!
  2. Attend mandatory Student Information Meeting on March 3, 2020.