Our Vision

Innovate: We innovate to solve complex problems.

Educate: We educate to achieve our goals.

Inspire: We inspire efficacy to make a positive impact on the world.


We innovate to solve complex problems. 

We acknowledge that students come to school with a wide variety of experiences, skill sets, content knowledge, and expectations. We work to use innovative thinking, technology, resources, and solutions to develop our educational processes in such a way that all students have opportunities for authentic problem solving and applications of knowledge. Rather than view school in a traditional manner, we seek to view school as a vital part of student pathways to finding a career that is both fulfilling and successful. The educational foundation students receive at Holt Public Schools will afford them opportunities to practice the types of skills that will be applicable throughout their lives. We also recognize that sometimes solving complex problems means being meta-aware of the learning process and the complexity that comes with learning abstract and nuanced material. To think innovatively requires us, students and teachers alike, to recognize that learning is meant to be both difficult and rewarding, often at different times for different students. We want to ensure we have processes to support students when the learning is difficult, and celebrate with them when they find it rewarding. We are willing to take risks with our thinking in order to grow our ability to problem solve.


Educate: We educate to achieve our goals.  

To reach educational goals, students need different supports at different times, as well as acknowledgement of the goals they seek to achieve. We recognize that achieving goals is important, and that the journey of growth towards accomplishing those goals is particularly valuable. The learning process focuses on both providing supports to students who need a different pace regarding instruction, as well as recognizes how important it is that initial instruction be as robust and impactful as possible. We begin with a strong foundation of instruction with clear goals, and we respond with appropriate measures to ensure all students are given opportunities to illustrate proficiency on these goals, either due to more instruction, more reflection time, or more collaborative energy. 


Inspire: We inspire efficacy to make a positive impact on the world.

We seek to inspire in our students a strong disposition regarding their ability to achieve and make a positive impact on their community. A part of this process is supporting their educational journey through multiple opportunities to illustrate their growth and consider their areas of interest. Students see academic struggle as a pathway of growth which will strengthen their ability to persevere on their own pathway towards a career and lifelong contributions to society.