Technology Support


  • How do I find my username and password? For detailed instructions on accessing PowerSchool for families and students 7th-12th grade, click here; for families and students of TK-6th graders, click here. To access Google Classroom or student email, see below.

  • How do I access PowerSchool? PowerSchool for parents and students can be found here.  Parents/guardians will use their entire email address to login. Staff and students will NOT include when they log in. 

  • What apps help me access my/my student's school information? We highly recommend downloading the PowerSchool and School Messenger apps. Both are free. 

  • How do I access Microsoft Office for my student? Follow the directions found here.
  • How does my student access their Google Classroom? To log into Google Classroom, students must either be invited by their teacher or have a code sent to them by the teacher. They use their Holt username (their entire Holt email address) and password to log in.
  • How do I find a student's password? For students in Transitional Kindergarten through 6th grade, parents can find the student's username and password under School Information in PowerSchool. For students in 7th-12th grade, their username can be found under School Information in PowerSchool, and passwords get reset to the student number each summer. They can change their password at
  • How do I change my password? What do I do if I get locked out of my account? If you are locked out of your PowerSchool account, please wait for one hour and the account will reset. If parents have forgotten their PowerSchool password, they can reset their password by clicking the "forgot password" link. For access to Holt accounts, students in grades 7th-12th can change their password by going to If a student in 7th-12th grade needs their password reset, please email Note, this password is used for all district accounts, such as PowerSchool and Google Classroom.
  • How do I get help with Google Classroom? If you are having trouble accessing Google Classroom, please work with your classroom teacher to ensure you have the right code. Otherwise, please try resetting your password. If you are unable to log in to Google Classroom or your email (grades 5-12), please put in a request for technology support by emailing
  • How do I access school email? Students in grades 5-12 have a school email. Students in grades 5-8 can only receive emails from users within the domain. They can check their email at
  • What to do I do if I get the error, "You do not have access to Gmail"? This means you need to use your Holt log in and password to access the Google document or Drive you are trying to access. Your email account is an Outlook (hpsk12) account, not a Gmail account. 
  • How do parents/students complete the Acceptable Use Policy so that they may access district technology? When parents/guardians log in to PowerSchool, they will see a Student Annual Update on the left side of the page. One of the categories to complete is the Agreements section. This section houses the Acceptable Use Policy and should be completed early in the school year. 

The GOOGLE JUNIOR TRAINING SERIES  includes short videos on how to do just about anything with Google Classroom, such as Drive, Chrome, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings, and Keep. Look through the videos to find the program and skills you are interested in learning.  

GOOGLE CLASSROOM FOR STUDENTS has written directions for navigating Google Classroom for students. 

GOOGLE CLASSROOM FOR TEACHERS has written directions for navigating Google Classroom for teachers.  

If you have trouble with the Chromebook itself (such as the charger not working, a button is broken, etc.) please contact your building administrator for a replacement. Please be advise broken Chromebooks may result in a fee to fix the device. 

If you are having trouble logging into the Chromebook, please review the FAQ section on passwords.

If you are getting disconnected or are experiencing freezing, choppy and/or lagging video/audio during Zoom or Google Meet sessions, please try the suggestions below to improve performance.

  • Reboot your Chromebook regularly (in between classes) and shut down completely when not in use.
  • Close all browser tabs except for the active Zoom/Google Meet tab.
  • Turn off extensions that you don't use by typing chrme://extensions in the address bar. Slide the blue button to the left to turn off an extension.
  • D not use background blur or virtual backgrounds.
  • Try clearing the cache and updating the Chrme OS in the Chromebook.
  • Move closer to your Internet router when using the Chromebook.

Audio or Power Issues

  • To learn how to quickly adjust the speaker volume and/or microphone level, watch this 40-second Chromebook Audio Settings video.

If your Chromebook won't turn on, even when plugged into the charger, you may be able to fix it by performing a hard reset.  This short video demonstrates how to perform a hard reset on your Chromebook.

You may also visit the Chromebook help page that Google is developing for specific questions. 

If you are still having trouble with the Chromebook, please contact or 517-699-1109. 

For a student to set up their Holt email account, they will need to follow these directions. 

GETTING STARTED FOR STUDENTS can help students who are using Flipgrid in their classes. 

For login information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions drop down menu.

For more detailed information on what students and parents can do in PowerSchool, please review the PowerSchool Student and Parent users guide. Page three has a Table of Contents that may be helpful. 

We will add more to this space as we develop more resources. 



We hope to support you as you encounter questions about our technology. Please know we are currently responding to quite a few requests, but promise to get back to you as soon as possible. We greatly appreciate your patience as we work through each unique need. 

For questions about getting a Chromebook or accessing the internet, please work with your building principal.

For questions on how to access a teacher's Google Classroom or use the technology tools within the Classroom, please contact your student's classroom teacher

If you are a student or staff member and need to reset your password, please go here

If you are trying to access PowerSchool for the first time, please see the Frequently Asked Technology Questions.

Due to a large number of requests for Technology Support, we are asking families and students to email the Technology Department requests to Please include in the email your name, your student’s name, as well as a summary of your question. When you send the email, a support request (ticket) will be created that allows us to ensure all requests are being responded to in a timely manner.


External LinkPublic Wi-Fi Hotspots in Michigan

External Wi-Fi Access in Holt Public (requires account and password)

  • Dimondale Elementary
  • Horizon Elementary
  • Holt High School - Main Campus
  • Midway Early Learning Center
  • Wilcox Elementary
  • Elliott Elementary