Technology Services

The Information Technology Department supports the tech needs of District staff, students, and families.

We support the Holt Public School Mission and Vision by providing the tools, training, and support which enable all stakeholders to effectively use operational and instructional technologies.

Most technology questions can be answered in Technology Support section of the Parents/Students tab on our District website or by contacting the building where your student attends.

For questions about
    A teacher's Google Classroom or the tools within the Classroom 
    • Please contact your student's classroom teacher. 
  • Automated messages (phone calls, texts and email messages) 
    • Contact the secretary in the building where your child attends school. 
  • ChromeBook Issues
    • Please contact your student's classroom teacher

Before Reporting an Issue

  • Clear the browser's cache. Google can provide step-by-step directions for all browsers.
  • Completely close and restart the open browser(s)
  • Reboot (Restart) the device
    • Chromebooks need to do this from the power icon. Closing the lid puts it to sleep.

When reporting an issue, please

  1. Describe the issue you are experiencing in detail 
  2. Description of what it is (not) doing
  3. What are the error messages. Specific details are needed. Include full screenshots and/or screencasts, if applicable 
  4. When did the issue occur (date/time)?  
  5. What type of device are you experiencing the issue on (PC, Mac, ChromeBook, iPad, etc.)  
  6. Is it happening on more than one device? 
  7. What type of browser are you experiencing the issue on (Chrome, MS Edge, FireFox, etc.)  
  8. Is it happening on more than one browser? 
  9. Steps to replicate the issue, if applicable. 
  10. Is the issue intermittent or can it be consistently replicated? 
  11. Who is experiencing the issue?  
  12. Username 
  13. Was it working before?   
  14. Is this the first time this issue has occurred?  
  15. What troubleshooting steps were taken before reporting?  
    1. Reboot 
    2. Tried using a different browser 
    3. Attempted to log in  

For more troubleshooting, please visit HPS Technology Info & Resources.



Information Technology Services 517-699-1208

Kelley Doupe
Database and Application Systems Specialist
Randy Gephart
Database and Application Systems Specialist
David Valk
Device Technician