Athletic Boosters

Athletic booster meetings take place the third Monday of every month at Holt High School.

2017-18 Officers:

Email Address
(vacant) President  
Kim Jacobs Co-Treasurer
Becky Hoerner Co-Treasurer
Mandy Schray Assistant Treasurer
Michelle Gilsdorf Secretary
Chris Rosales Head Consessions Coord.
Nadia Cardenas Comm. Consessions Coord.
Dana Johnson Ordering Consessions Coord.
Kathy Slater Purch. Consessions Coord.
Lesha Stuber-Powell Purch. Consessions Coord.
(vacant) Liaison/Maint. Consessions Coord.  


Band Boosters

Band booster meetings take place the second Tuesday of the month, September through May, at 7:00 p.m. in the Band Room at Holt High School Main Campus.

2017-18 Officers:

Dennis Marvin President
Alma Lipp Vice President
Tammi Czewski Treasurer
Angie Greene Co-Treasurer
Sarah Elizabeth Yonkman Secretary
Lisa Bean Uniform Chair
Joy Stehl Gietzel Volunteer Chair