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Holt High School

Holt High School is a four year comprehensive school split in to two campus settings.
The Main Campus houses grades 9, 10, 11 and is located on a 40-acre campus-like setting with a performing Arts complex that seats 850 in the theater and a comprehensive on-grounds Athletic complex.
The North Campus houses 12th grade students and is located directly across the street from the Main Campus. Senior students have the opportunity to elect college classes as part of their curriculum and earn college credits which may be transferable to accredited colleges. The building houses state of the art technology offerings as well as a college campus setting.
In 1989 Holt High School became the first Professional Development School (PDS) affiliated with Michigan State University and the Holmes Group. The goals of a PDS are to improve teaching practices and student learning through the application of the most current educational research and on-site action research.

Holt High School has been honored as one of the top 100 schools in the country, receiving the Presidential Blue Ribbon award.


Senior News

Main Campus Attendance Line


North Campus Attendance Line


8      School Resumes 
10    ½ day PM Weds. 10:35am-2:35pm 
15    NO SCHOOL, MLK Observance 
15    Board of Education mtg. 7:00pm, Admin Bldg. 
17    EXAMS (1st & 2nd hrs) 7:30am-11:10am (half day) 
18    EXAMS (3rd & 4th hrs) 7:30am-11:10am (half day) 
19    EXAMS (5th & 6th hrs) 7:30am-11:10am (half day) 
22    2nd Semester Begins 
24    ½ day PM Weds. 10:35am-2:35pm 
31    ½ day PM Weds. 10:35am-2:35pm 

12      Board of Education mtg. 7:00pm, Admin Bldg. 
14      FULL DAY WEDS., COUNT DAY, 7:30am-2:35pm
19-23 NO SCHOOL, Mid-Winter Break week 
26      School Resumes 
28      ½ day PM Weds. 10:35am-2:35pm 

MARCH 2018 
7        FULL DAY WEDS. 7:30am-2:35pm 
7        CONFERENCES 5:30pm-8:00pm (evening session this date) 
8        Thurs. ½ day classes 1,2,3 in AM 7:30am-11:10am 
8        CONFERENCES 12:30-3:00 pm at MC  
9        Fri. ½ day classes 4,5,6 in AM from 7:30am-11:10am 
12      Board of Education mtg. 7:00pm, Admin Bldg.
14      ½ day PM Weds.10:35am-2:35pm 
21      ½ day PM Weds.10:35am-2:35pm 
28      FULL DAY WEDS. 7:30am-2:35pm 
28      Academic “H” Awards 7:00pm, Theater (by invitation) 
30      Spring Break begins (Friday) 

APRIL 2018 
2-6     Spring Break , NO SCHOOL 
9        School Resumes 
11      FULL DAY WEDS. 7:30am-2:35pm 
11      National Honor Society Induction 7:00pm, Theater 
16      Board of Education mtg. 7:00pm, Admin Bldg.
18      ½ day PM Weds. 10:35am-2:35pm 
23      Top Ten Dinner 6:30pm, Charlar Place (by invitation) 
25      ½ day PM Weds. 10:35am-2:35pm 
30      3.5 Senior Dinner, 6:30pm, MC West Commons (by invitation) 

MAY 2018 
2        ½ day PM Weds. – 10:35am – 2:35pm 
9        ½ day PM Weds. – 10:35am – 2:35pm 
9         Tentative: Awards Night, 7:00-8:00pm, Theater
16      ½ day PM Weds., 10:35am-2:35pm 
14      Board of Education mtg. 7:00pm, Admin Bldg.
16      ½ day PM Weds., 10:35am-2:35pm 
19      PROM 
23      ½ day PM Weds., 10:35am-2:35pm 
25      Last day for seniors without exams 
28      NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day 
29      Senior Exams & official last day for seniors 
30      FULL DAY WEDS., 7:30am-2:35pm 

JUNE 2018 
      Senior Breakfast, 9:00am, MC West Commons 
      Baccalaureate, 1:30pm, MC Theater 
3        COMMENCEMENT, 4:30pm, MSU Breslin Center 
6        FULL DAY WEDS., 7:30am-2:35 pm 
11      Board of Education mtg. 7:00pm, Admin Bldg. 
13      EXAMS (1st & 2nd hrs) 7:30am-11:10am (half day)
14      EXAMS (3rd & 4th hrs) 7:30am-11:10am (half day) 
15      EXAMS (5th & 6th hrs) 7:30am-11:10am (half day) 
15      Last Day of School 
15      Teacher’s last work day