Youth Enrichment

Below is a list of youth enrichment classes available through Holt Community Education. For dates, times, prices, and registration please go to or contact the office at (517) 694-3411.


Artful Science 
Ages 7-14

This innovative program combines the beauty of art with science amazement! Your child explores a new scientific principle through experiments and uses that information to create a beautiful art project to take home. Whether your child is an artist, a scientist, or just curious, this class showcases his or her brilliance! 

Previous classes include slime, water gun painting, explosive rockets, and comic book character creations!


Class Name Class Description
Gymnastics - Preschool

Available for ages 2 1/2-3 years old. Due to different levels of maturity, ages are firm. 

A fun way to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination. Studetns work on developing cooperation skills such as listening, following instructions, and taking turns.

Instructor: Nicole Fitchett


Classes available for 4-5 year olds, 6-8 year olds, 9-12 year olds.

Students work at a level appropriate for his/her ability on vault, beam, and floor exercises. Classes will focus on developing the strength and flexibility necessary to perform advanced level gymnastics as well as new gymnastics skills. 

Instructor: Nicole Fitchett

Relax, It's YOGA!

Ages 4-10

This fun course introduces basic yoga poses and breathing techniques that help children of all ages and abilities (including those with ADHS and autism) relax, calm down, and focus. It is appropriate for children who have zero to very little exposure to yoga. We will explore ways to energize and nourish our bodies using the USDA's guidelines. Students will be encouraged to try new foods and focus on the main food groups before turning to "sometimes" foods. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grain snack choices will be introduced and students will be invited to try them.

Please note at registration if the child has any food allergies. Themes are peace, respect, and gratitude. The goal is to build strong minds and strong bodies to cultivate self-esteem and body. Student should wear comfortable, loose clothing to enable stretches and bends. A towel or yoga mat is needed for each session.

Sanchin-Ryu's Karate -- Family Karate

A parent AND child program for all ages. Set in a fun, non-competitive, and informative atmosphere, this program allows parents to learn alongside their children. Physical techniques, drills and exercises will help you have a positive experience with self-defense education

Instructor: Jim Cataline 8th Degree Black Belt

Sanchin- Ryu's Karate -- For Kids

Available for grades K-8th

Our program combines two crucial courses into one; Sanchin Ryu Karate self-defense, and Project: Secure Child (child safety). Students will be trained with proven, age-appropriate techniques that are necessary for kids to protect themselves from attackers. This program is set in a fun, yet structured environment that will give your child a positive outlook on learning a martial art.

Instructor: Jim Cataline 8th Degree Black Belt

Youth Soccer - Begginer Clinic

Available for grades K-5th

The goal of this clinic is to allow the kids to get a good grasp of what soccer truly is about. Learn the correct basic skills and understand the sport. The kids will have a ton of fun learning soccer and playing games.

Instructor: Jennie Kahn-Jacques

Youth Soccer - Intermediate Clinic

Available for grades 5+

The goal of this intermediate level soccer clinic is to allow kids to focus more on their technical soccer skills to help better them for game play. For this clinic, kids should already have been playing soccer for 1-2 years. This soccer clinic is more intense than the begginer clinic, but fun will still be had during the session.

Instructor: Jennie Kahn-Jacques


Driver's Education

Classes are held at Holt High School. Students may not enter the building until 10 minutes before the class begins. 

Registrations cannot be made online, you must enroll with Capitol Area Driving School at (517) 492-1973. Payments are due the first day of class and checks can be made payable to Capitol Area Driving School.

Segment 1 classes generally run M-TH in three week segments. ($330)

Segment 2 classes run in three day segments. ($55)