Before and After School Care

Holt offers before and after school care for children in grades K-6 at all elementary and middle school buildings. An application must be completed and turned into Midway Early Learning Center to be eligible for these resources. Positions in before and after school care are granted on a first come first serve basis, a waitlist will be used if necessary. We accept DHS services as aid for child care costs (please contact the office for more information).

Registration Fees

Registration by June 30th - $45.00 per child

Balanced Calendar

Traditional Calendar

Between July 2nd – July 13th: $55.00 per child

Between July 2nd – August 3rd: $55.00 per child

After July 13th: $65.00 per child

After August 3rd: $65.00 per child

*dates subject to change for 2019-20 school year.

Childcare Prices 2018-19




DHS Rate

AM Child Care

7:00am – 8:30 am



PM Child Care

3:35pm – 6:00pm



Half Day Child Care

7am-1pm or 12pm-6pm



Full Day Child Care

7:00am – 6:00pm



EDW (early dismissal Wednesdays)




*prices subject to change for 2019-20 school year.

In addition to before and after school care registration gives you access to care during unexpected snow days, most holiday breaks, and Early Dismissal Wednesdays (EDW).

Students only using EDW care do not need to pay the registration fee.

How It Works:

  • Register for care at Midway Early Learning Center (up to date immunizations are required)
  • Submit a schedule monthly (we offer a calendar of dates for when schedules are due). Schedules are due early to allow each center time to staff appropriately for the number of children attending.
    • Schedules that are nt submitted during the available date window will then have to be completed as a paper copy and submitted to the school or Midway Early Learning Center. Schedules submitted after this deadline are nt guaranteed care fr that month.
    • Add Ons – If yu need to add an additional day to your schedule contact Midway Early Learning Center to verify that there is room on this day! There will be a $5.00 add on fee
  • PAYING – You have the option to pay weekly even though you schedule monthly. Weekly payments must be made by the Wednesday before the week of care. You can also pay bi-weekly or once a month if you choose to do so.
    • Pay on your Skyward Family Access account online at
    • Late Payments – schedules that are submitted after the available date windw will be charged a late payment fee of $15.00. Schedules submitted after this deadline are not guaranteed care for that month.

Applications are available for the following year starting in April (after spring break).