Cross Country

Sign-ups will be on Wednesday August 21st, Thursday August 22nd, and Friday August 23rd.
Practice starts on Monday August 26th at 3:30pm at Holt Junior High.
All Athletes need a physical before they can participate.
Participation Fee is $120


9-12-19                 4:30pm @            Williamston
9-16-19                 4:30pm @            Okemos
9-23-19                 4:30pm @            Fowlerville
9-26-19                 4:30pm @            Jackson Parkside                Ella Sharp Park
9-30-19                 4:30pm @            Waverly
10-2-19                 4:30pm @            LC Cougar Clash                Grand Woods Park
10-14-19               4:30pm @            DeWitt Greater Lansing Invite