Busing information has been mailed with route numbers, pickup times, drop-off times, and bus stop locations. If you're seek busing information now; it is also published in Power School at the bottom of the school information page.

Bus transportation is an important function of the Holt Public Schools. Bus transportation is NOT mandated by law but provided as a service to the students of the District. In order for transportation to work, we must have the cooperation of parents, students, drivers, and administration of the District. We believe the information contained in this policy will help everyone understand the complexity and importance of pupil transportation. The Michigan Department of Education, the Legislature, and the Michigan State Police also develop rules and regulations that govern the activities of the Transportation Department.

Video Cameras may be in use on any Holt Public Schools transportation vehicle.

**A NEW Tag/Transportation Request Forms must be completed for each new school year.

Bus Conduct & Rules

To provide for a safe and pleasant ride, students will:

  1. Be at the bus stop 5 minutes before pick up time.
  2. Follow the driver’s directions, the first time they are given.
  3. If instructed by the bus driver, use the jump seat (first seat on the right side) that is located in the front of the bus.
  4. Remain seated and facing forward at all times.
  5. Keep arms, legs, feet, and objects to yourself and out of the aisles at all times. The driver must be able to see out of the top and bottom back windows.
  6. Maintain a low voice level using their “indoor” voice.
  7. Not make unnecessary loud, boisterous sounds, yell, or use profane language.
  8. Not engage in taunting, teasing, swearing, pushing, hitting, or fighting.
  9. Act in a respectful manner towards others.
  10. Keep all body parts (head, hands, fingers, arms, toes, etc.) inside the bus at all times.
  11. Not bring alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, illegal substances or weapons on the bus.
  12. Not bring glass containers/objects on the bus.
  13. Only home address will be taken into consideration to determine the location for pick up and drop off unless a Special Transportation Request has been completed AND approved by the Transportation Department. These forms can be found on the Holt Public Schools web site - Transportation Request under the Transportation tab.
  14. Receive the same #13 courtesy if student(s) are Dual residents of the district. Bus drivers will not be responsible for your student’s schedule and the student(s) will need to know which parents’ home they are going to.
  15. In case of an emergency, you will need to make other arrangements for your student(s) busing. The parent MUST contact the Transportation Department at 517.699.1113 and speak with the office. Arrangements will not be accepted through a note, the school buildings, or by student’s request. Students’ will not be allowed to ride any other bus other than their assigned bus without prior arrangements being made through the Transportation office. Students are not allowed to utilize any other bus stop other than their assigned bus stop bus without prior arrangements being made through the Transportation office.
  16. Not bring pets or animals of any kind on the bus at any time.
  17. Board and depart the bus at their own assigned school. Special situations will be considered by the Transportation Department on a student-to-student basis.



It is the sole discretion of the bus driver to assign points to any student on their bus. Driver will take into account any previous verbal discussions that may have taken place addressing student behavior on the bus. The driver will fill out a Report of Student Misconduct on School Vehicle form when a student is not following the rules. Each violation carries a point value. A student’s points accumulate for the entire school year. At the beginning of each year, students will start with a clear record. The following will result based upon a student’s accumulated points:

  • 0-2 points - Warning
  • 3-5 points - One-day Suspension
  • 6-8 points - Three-day Suspension
  • 9-16 points - Five-day Suspension
  • 17-20 points - Ten-day Suspension
  • 21-39 points - Suspension for up to 90 school days

Points 9-39 May/Will require a meeting with the student’s school principal, parent, bus driver, and transportation supervisor to reinstate bus privileges. 40+ points - Suspension for 180 school days - Points will not be cleared at the beginning of the year and a School Board hearing will be necessary for reinstatement of bus privileges.

Violations and point values ( )

  1. Who are not at the assigned bus stop on time. (0-1)
  2. Who litter on the school bus. (0-2)
  3. Who bring glass containers/objects on the bus. (0-2)
  4. Who fail to stay off the roadway and use proper boarding/departing procedures. Students are required to remove earbuds while boarding/departing the bus when crossing the road is necessary for their bus stop. (0-2)
  5. Who fail to get on or off at the designated stop without prior approval. (0-2)
  6. Who makes unnecessary loud, boisterous sounds, yell, are rude, discourteous or distracting to other students or the bus driver. PLEASE NOTE: Students will NOT BE allowed to make any phone calls unless there is an emergency and the call will be to a parent only. There will be NO pictures, NO videos and NO audio recordings allowed while riding the school bus (0-2)
  7. Who fail to remain seated and facing forward at all times, except when properly moving to and from the jump seat. (0-2)
  8. Who eat/drink on the bus. Eating is not allowed on any school bus. (0-5)
  9. Who threaten others. (0-5)
  10. Who cross behind the bus instead of in front. (0-5)
  11. Who have part(s) of their body hanging out of the windows. (0-5)
  12. Who use improper language/profanity/gestures. (0-5)
  13. Who throw objects in, at or out of the bus (3-5)
  14. Who engage in behavior that abuses the safety, well-being, and respect of others on the bus or at the bus stop. (3-5)
  15. Who push/trip/kick (3-5)
  16. Who disobey instructions of and/or show disrespect to the driver. (4-6)
  17. Who spit or bite. (5-7)
  18. Who bring illegal/dangerous articles/substances and or weapons on the bus (7-17)
  19. Who light matches, use lighters or possess or use tobacco products. (7-17)
  20. Who destroy property. (7-17)
  21. Who tamper with bus equipment. (7-17)
  22. Who engage in sexual misconduct/harassment. (7-17)
  23. Who fight or engage in violent behavior. (7-17)
  24. Who threatens another person with bodily harm. (7-17)
  25. Who assaults another person. (10-17)
  26. Whose behavior requires the bus driver to pull the bus over in order to preserve safety (will automatically be suspended for 10 days). (17)
Transportation Department Policies

The only home address will be taken into consideration for pick up and drop off unless a Special Transportation Request has been completed AND approved by the Transportation Department. These forms can be found on the Holt Public Schools web site. Special Transportation Request Form under the Transportation tab.

 To provide maximum safety, we do not accept any requests/phone calls changing your child’s pick up and/or drop off location unless it is in writing. These changes must be submitted in writing to the office at the Transportation Department. Dual resident students will receive the same courtesy for each parent’s home within the district. Bus drivers will not be responsible for your student’s schedule and the student will need to know which parent’s house they are going.

Please allow up to 3 days to make any address changes or busing requests, this will provide time to make sure the stop location is a safe and legal bus stop. For safety purposes, students who miss their bus may not board the bus at another location or time. Many tragic bus accidents occur when students try to catch a missed bus. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT LET FRIENDS GO HOME WITH FRIENDS. WE DO NOT ACCEPT NOTES FROM PARENTS LETTING THEIR STUDENT GO HOME WITH ANOTHER STUDENT.

In case of an emergency and you need to make other arrangements for your students busing, you MUST contact the Transportation Department at 517.699.1113 and speak with the office. Arrangements will not be accepted through a note, the school buildings, or by student’s request. Students’ will not be allowed to ride any other bus other than their assigned bus without prior arrangements being made through the Transportation office.

Due to safety regulations and policies - After the bus has closed and the bus has started to move after either loading or unloading students, the bus drivers are not permitted to stop and re-open the bus door. If you have any questions about this policy, please call our office.

NO GSRP OR KINDERGARTEN STUDENT WILL BE LEFT “HOME ALONE” – It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to have a designated/responsible person VISIBLE at home when GSRP and kindergarten students arrive home. Bus drivers are very careful not to drop off any younger students at a location when they cannot see a person. When a bus driver suspects no one is home, they will radio the bus garage and will attempt to reach the home by telephone. If we are unable to contact anyone, the student will remain on the bus until the end of the route. Parents will be expected to pick up their student(s) at the bus garage. After 3 times of having no designated/responsible person visible at the bus stop, your student(s) may lose their busing privileges and the school district may/will contact Ingham County Sheriff’s Office and or CPS.

PARENT(S) or guardians ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAFETY of their students getting to and from the bus stops in the morning and the afternoon. Parent(s) or guardians are responsible for their student(s) safety while they are waiting at their bus stop.

ANIMALS – No animal (examples: birds, insects, worms, reptiles or rodents) dead or alive, will be transported on the bus.

GLASS – Anything that that is made of glass, (jars, bottles, cups, etc.) is not allowed on the school buses.

SLEDS/SKATEBOARDS – Unless prohibited at their school, roll up sleds and skateboards that can be contained in a backpack and maybe transported on the bus.

STUDENTS CARRYING MONEY & CHECKS – Please be sure to place all important items in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and school written on the outside. This will help us return lost items quickly to the student if they are left on the bus.

ELECTRONICS/CAMERAS/CELL PHONES – Students will not be allowed to make any phone calls unless there is an emergency and the call is being placed to a parent or guardian. There will be NO pictures, videos or audio recordings allowed while riding the school bus. Any personal music playing devices, earphones must be used and kept at a low volume level and must not be a distraction to the bus driver in any way. Students are required to remove earbuds while boarding/departing the bus and when crossing the road is necessary for their bus stop.


SPECIAL HEALTH CONCERNS – If your student has a special health concern, such as allergies or asthma, please make us aware of this condition. If you have given this information to your student’s school that does not mean the Transportation Department has also received the information. Important information can make a big difference in case of emergency and will allow us to better support your student and assure a safe bus ride. Only the driver and the supervisor will have access to this private information.

NO EATING ON ANY BUS IS ALLOWED – With the increasing rise of food allergies, no student will be allowed to eat on the bus. Please do not send any kind of food that contains Peanuts or Tree nuts with your student to school. PLEASE NOTE: NO PERFUMES, AEROSOLS OF ANY KIND, HAND SANITIZERS OR COLOGNE ARE ALLOWED ON ANY SCHOOL BUS.

LOST & FOUND - All items found on the bus are kept on the bus for a short time before they are placed in our lost and found. Please have your child ask the driver about lost items. You are welcome to come and look in the lost and found between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please label all items with your child’s name. Found items that are unclaimed are donated to area shelters. Eyeglasses are kept at the Transportation garage if you have lost a pair.

HOODED SWEATSHIRTS OF ANY KIND ARE NOT ALLOWED WHEN ENTERING OR EXITING THE SCHOOL BUS. Bus drivers need to see students' faces for proper identification. This is for the safety of the bus driver and the students that are on the school bus.

DISCIPLINARY NOTIFICATION - Before any suspension takes effect, the driver will contact the parent/guardian. If possible, the parent will be contacted by phone. If the parent cannot be contacted by phone, the discipline will be sent home with the student with the dates of suspension and a copy will be mailed to the parent/guardian. When the form is sent with the student, documentation is noted on the student’s transportation record and they will not be allowed to ride the bus on the dates stated on the form. When a student is suspended from one bus, they are suspended from ALL buses. PLEASE NOTE…In the afternoon, students will be taken back to the school and turned over to a school employee/staff if any behavior compromises the safety of themselves, any other student on the bus or the bus driver.

SCHOOL CLOSINGS AND DELAYS - All families should receive an electronic notification of a school closing or delay. It is very important for the schools to have your updated and current contact information to assure you receive all notifications.


  • TWITTER: @holtpublicsch
  • WILX 100.7 94.9
  • WLNS 99.1 730AM
  • FOX47 97.5 1240AM

PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE TRANSPORTATION OFFICE…regarding closings or delays. Our phone lines need to be kept open for EMERGENCIES ONLY!

Transportation is a service provided by the Holt Public Schools Board of Education.  It is expected that those who ride the school buses will observe classroom conduct at all times, including extra-curricular trips. Students must exercise these responsibilities. Bus Drivers shall maintain bus discipline pursuant to all state and local rules and regulations.  Failure to abide by these rules may result in suspension and/or expulsion from the bus.


  • Students must arrive at the bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled arrival of the bus and are to wait a safe distance from traffic and at a place at least ten (10) feet from where the bus will stop.
  • While waiting, students will respect other individuals, their possessions and surrounding property.  Improper behavior at bus stops, including physical aggressiveness and property damage will not be tolerated. Fighting, pushing, tripping is not permitted at any time. Parents will be financially responsible for any damage done to a bus or property.
  • Students should follow directions the time they are given.
  • Students are expected to observe classroom conduct at all times while on the bus.
  • Students will board and exit the bus at their assigned bus stop. In cases of emergencies, parents must send a note to school and a temporary bus pass will be issued. This is for emergencies only, not convenience.
  • Students are to cross the street only after receiving a signal from the driver that it is safe to do so.
  • Students must maintain absolute silence at railroad crossings and other places of danger as requested by the driver.
  • Students are not permitted to bring items onto the bus that cannot safely be held in the lap.  Animals, balloons, glass or liquids are not permitted.


  • Parents are responsible for the safety and discipline of students while going to and from the bus stop.
  • Parents are to have their children standing at their Designated Place of Safety (DPS) five minutes prior to the scheduled arrival of the bus. 
  • The school does not enter disputes involving parents and students prior to pick up or after return to the bus stop.
  • Due to safety and security measures, parents are not permitted to board buses unless authorized by the Transportation Services Office.

Parents are asked not to discuss problems with the driver at the bus stop.  This impedes the bus schedule.  Please call our office to arrange a time to speak with the driver or the supervisor.

Where is the Transportation office located?
The Transportation office/bus lot is located at 2125 Delhi St. NE which is a half-mile east of Cedar St. and Holt Rd. and northeast on Delhi NE second driveway before railroad tracks. Transportation forms may be dropped off here and parents may contact us to look for lost items in our Lost and Found box.

Who will be driving my child to school?
Holt Public Schools hires quality people to become school bus drivers.  Candidates must have an excellent driving record and pass a pre-employment physical and drug screen. All candidates must have an FBI and BCI background check.  Once they have met those requirements they receive a minimum of 25 hours of onboard instruction from certified instructors in addition to 12 hours of classroom instruction from the Michigan State Department of Highway Traffic Safety Programs Civil and Environmental Engineering Michigan State University.
All drivers receive yearly in-service training, must pass a yearly physical and every six years go through a recertification process and have BCI background check.

Will I receive notification of my child’s bus schedule?
Parents may access their child’s bus information via SKYWARD Family Access.

If parents know that they will be utilizing childcare outside the home, a Transportation Change Request Form must be submitted to the Transportation office prior to July 21. These forms are available online and may be submitted via mail, fax (517) 694-2325, dropped off in person or emailed to Donna Schultz.

I can’t see my child’s bus stop from my home.  Are there state laws that set the standard for bus stop locations?
There are no laws in Michigan that require a bus stop to be visible from a student’s residence.  In Michigan, students may walk up to one-half mile from their residence to a bus stop.  MCS limits this distance for GSRP and K students and attempts are made to pick up and drop them off closer to their residence because they must be supervised and received by a responsible adult.  Older elementary students may be asked to walk to a corner stop on their street of residence.  As students enter Holt Public Schools Intermediate and Holt Middle Schools, stops are further from a student’s residence because stops are located to access group stops.  High School routes may have only one or two designated stops per neighborhood.  

Parents are encouraged to accompany their children to their bus stop as much as possible. Some parents take turns walking each other’s children to the bus stop.  This is an opportunity to teach safe walking habits and add to parents’ peace of mind. Walking with a neighbor is more enjoyable for students; the Buddy System is always a good idea. Other parents view the bus stop as a social opportunity to meet with other parents.
If my child misses the bus, why can’t he go or be taken to another bus stop?
The state of Michigan has taken steps and designed procedures to ensure student safety.  All students are assigned to a specific bus stop. At their stop, they are given a Designated Place of Safety (DPS) by their driver, where they are to stand to wait for the bus to arrive.  This is so the driver can account for students at the stop.  Students who run after the bus or get dropped off at another stop are creating a dangerous situation.  The driver does not know to look for them and in dark conditions, they cannot be seen by the driver. 

Why can’t my child get off the bus and start walking home? Why does he have to wait for the bus to pull away? 
Once again, the State of Michigan has created procedures for student safety.  When students unload at a stop they are to return to the Designated Place of Safety (DPS) and remain there where the driver can account for them and know they are not in the Danger Zone, before the bus leaves the stop.

If students need to cross the street to get to their Designated Place of Safety (DPS) they must watch the driver for a signal to cross the street, stop at the edge of the bus to check traffic for themselves, and then proceed to their place of safety and wait there until the bus pulls away.  

Why can’t my child wait inside the house or my car until the bus arrives; it was freezing cold this winter.
To ensure the safety of all bus riders, Michigan law requires students to be at their bus stop, in their Designated Place of Safety (DPS), 5 minutes prior to the arrival of the bus.  This allows the driver to account for students as they approach the stop.  Students who run from their house or a parent’s car cannot be seen by the driver.  This can have a serious impact on a student’s safety.  Students should dress appropriately for weather conditions.

What if I want my child to go to another bus stop?
Every attempt is made to place a student at stop closest to his residence.  However if a parent chooses to have their student utilize a different stop, parents may submit a Transportation Change Request Form to a different, existing stop.  A new stop will not be created. 

How do I request a new stop for my child?
Bus stops are designed with the big picture in mind for how routes are run and to accommodate multiple students.  Buses do pass students' homes in the course of their routes; it is not feasible nor efficient to make home stops for students.  On main arteries, roads with more than 2 lanes or a high-speed limit, students may be granted a home stop.

What if the bus runs late?
Buses may run late for various reasons; traffic conditions, mechanical breakdowns, etc. If a bus is going to be more than 15 minutes late, an auto call will be initiated to alert the families of those students.  A bus will always be sent to cover a route, regardless of how late.  We will not abandon students at their bus stops.

Students are assigned to specific buses and specific bus stops to balance loads on buses and make sure that routes are run in a timely manner.  Students are not permitted to ride a different bus for non-emergency reasons.

PLEASE NOTE: Frequent changes to students busing arrangements increase the possibility of students’ confusion causing them to get on the wrong bus on a wrong day. Please keep changes to a minimum.

For High School or Middle School students, temporary passes will only be issued in case of emergencies.  Parents must contact the Transportation Department and school directly or send a note with their student to be given to the school office for a pass to be issued. Again, No Pass/No Ride. 

We are happy to make arrangements for families with shared parenting needs.  In the best interest of the safety of MECC and WR students, it is necessary for the schedule for these arrangements to be consistent from week to week. MI and older students may have a varied schedule as these students are old enough to know where they are to go from day- to- day.  Please fill out and submit a Transportation Change Request Form with both parent’s addresses and contact information and the schedule that is to be put in place. 


If you are planning to move within the district, you will need to submit a Transportation Change Request Form along with your closing statement or lease agreement to the Central Registrar at Central Office.

We will make the changes in the system on that start date. Parents will need to refer to SKYWARD Family Access for updated busing information. 

These changes will normally take 48 hours to go into effect.  If parents wish to have busing for their students in the interim, they will need to send a note to the school office requesting a temporary bus pass to the new address until the new busing goes into effect.

For JH and HS students ONLY, these times reflect the late start times for bus arrivals for Tuesday and Fridays.  Remember students need to be at the bus stop no less than 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up. 

Route 1 - 2 hrs. 45 mins.; Route 2 - 2 hrs. 40 mins.; Route 3 - 2 hrs. 40 mins.;

Route 4 - 2 hrs. 35 mins.; Route 5 - 2 hrs. 30 mins.; Route 6 - 2 hrs.;

Route 7 - 2 hrs. 45 mins.; Route 8 - 2 hrs. 20 mins.; Route 9 - 2 hrs. 20 mins.;

Route 10 - 2 hrs. 20 mins.; Route 11 - 2 hrs. 35 mins.; Route 12 - 2 hrs. 35 mins.;

Route 13 - 2 hrs. 45 mins.; Route 15 - 2 hrs. 20 mins.;  Route 16 - 2 hrs. 30 mins.;

Route 17 - 2 hrs. 35 mins.; Route 18 - 2 hrs. 40 mins.; Route 20 - 2 hrs. 30 mins.;

Route 21 - 2 hrs. 25 mins.; Route 28 - 2 hrs. 40 mins.; Route 32 - 2 hrs. 35 mins.;

We welcome you and your child to Holt Public Schools as your child begins their educational experience with us.  Please go to the New Student Registration page for information on the registration procedure and the forms needed to set up transportation for your child.

  • All students are set up for transportation based on the home address on file and are assigned to a specific bus and bus stop.
  • If you will be using a childcare provider for before/after school care, please submit a Transportation Change Request Form to the Transportation Office. Please note that the alternative busing schedule must be the same each week and only one alternative address is permitted.
  • Parents may update their contact information so we will be sure to have accurate information in case of an emergency.


We are happy to make arrangements for families with shared parenting needs.  In the best interest of the safety of MECC and WR students, it is necessary for the schedule for these arrangements to be consistent from week to week. MI and older students may have a varied schedule as these students are old enough to know where they are to go from day-to-day.  Please fill out and submit a  Transportation Change Request Form with both parent’s addresses and contact information and the schedule that is to be put in place.

If you have questions regarding your child’s transportation you may direct your calls to Doug Wood 517.699.1113 or email Donna Schultz.

On PD Wednesdays Late Start/Early Release

All buses start 2 hours and 30 minutes later than normal start times, with the exception of bus numbers 8, 11, 12, 20, & 21 which start 3 hours later than regular pick up times. Bus 13 is a new exception which starts at 2.45 later.

Release Times
Grades K-4

Full days 8:30 AM - 3:35 PM
PD Wednesday Early Release 8:30 AM - 1:50 PM
Half days 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Grades 5 - 6

Full days 8:30 AM - 3:35 PM
PD Wednesday Early Release 8:30 AM - 1:20 PM
Half days 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Grades 7 -12

Full days 7:30 AM - 2:35 PM
PD Wednesdays Late Start
(Grades 7-8)
10:05 AM - 2:35 PM
(Grades 9-12) 10:35 AM - 2:35 PM
Half days (Classes in AM) 7:30 AM - 11:10 AM

If you are requesting transportation outside of the attendance area where enrolled, please complete and return this form** to Holt Transportation Department either by emailing it to Donna Schultz, faxing it to (517) 694-2325, or dropping it off at the Transportation Office located at 2125 Delhi St. NE, Holt.

**A NEW Tag/Transportation Request Forms must be completed for each new school year.


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