Illuminate Education Training Resources

What is Illuminate Education?

Illuminate Education is a web-based data warehouse designed to collect and report evidence of student performance through scanned assessments. Holt Public Schools staff can use this secured-login access to Illuminate Education.

Introductory Training

Logging In: Contact the Curriculum Office at 517-699-7885 or email Paul Lange to obtain your staff login.

Changing Passwords: After your first time logging in, follow these instructions to change your password.

Dashboard & Widgets: On Illuminate Education, each user has a landing page called the dashboard. The common tools used on your dashboard are in boxes with gray bars across the top, called “widgets”.  A maximum of eight (8) widgets can be on your dashboard at one time.    

Moving Widgets: Need help with your widgets? Follow these instructions on how to add, remove, or relocate widgets

What are the common widgets? Here is a list of descriptions of the widgets you might select for your dashboard.

Finding Help Lessons/Videos: If you click on the “control panel” button in the top right of your dashboard, you can find a link to “Lessons & Videos” that has instructions for many of the procedures you will need within Illuminate Education.

Lightning Grader

Administering and Entering Student Assesments

Input a test key*, align standards, and share the assessment with other staff: Video instructions on how to input answer keys for student assessments.  The same process may be used for individual classrooms or creating shared common assessments. (10:43 minutes)

A hard-copy of these instructions can be found here:
Creating A Manual Assessment
Creating An On-The-Fly Assessment

*The convention for naming assessments will be:  Season_Year_CourseGrade_AssessmentName 
For example: Fall 2014 Geometry8_Unit1Test

Once you are comfortable with the basic process of entering student assessments, this video will help you perform more sophisticated assessment entry, such as using rubrics to score and using variable points systems. (12:14 minutes)

Finding Premade Reading Street Assessments: Video instructions showing you how to find and print bubble sheets for Reading Street unit and weekly tests.

Print pre-slugged and generic answer sheets: Video instructions showing you how to print personalized answer sheets for students to use on classroom and common assessments. (4:25 minutes)

Score using Xerox: The following instruction sheets walk you through how to use our Xerox machines to scan and quickly score large batches of student answer sheets. (2 pages)

Xerox D-95 Scanning Instructions (HHS and HJH)
Xerox 5875 Scanning Instructions (K-6 buildings and HJH)

After scanning the sheets to .jpg files, this video will show you how to import those results into Illuminate Ed for scoring and storing. (3:41 minutes)


Finding Reports

Finding an assessment report – Assessment reports are simply reports generated from assessments that were given and scanned into Illuminate Ed.  Watch this video for a tutorial on how to find assessment reports.



Finding a prebuilt report – Prebuilt reports are generic reports that pull from data that has been imported to Illuminate Ed (MEAP, AIMSweb, demographics, etc.).  Watch this video for a tutorial on how to find a prebuilt report, OR click here for step-by-step instructions. 


Finding a student profile – The student profile has all demographic and state data for a single student, in one place.  It will not include specific assessment data or information on other students.  Those must be viewed through assessment reports and/or prebuilt reports. Click here for instructions on how to find a student profile.


Finding report abstracts – Abstracts are descriptions of reports with examples of what they look like.  These are useful for deciding what data you want to find and how you’d like to see it presented. Watch this video tutorial on how to find the abstracts, OR click here for instructions.


Custom Report Request Form – After you have reviewed the Report Abstracts in Illuminate Ed, please submit this form if you are looking for a specific or unique report you were unable to find.  We will either help you identify which prebuilt report will support your needs or create a custom report for you to use.  


Creating Student Groups – Interventionists and staff who serve students across multiple classroom rosters can create “student groups” for the purpose of pulling reports for students they could not otherwise access.  Click here to learn how to create a student group.