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Innovate: We innovate to solve complex problems.

Educate: We educate to achieve our goals.

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Student Acceleration and Testing Out

If you are interested in accelerating your student please download and review the Holt Public Schools learning enrichment information and parent letter found in the Acceleration Policy document.

HPS Acceleration Policy

To apply for acceleration or testing out of a course, please download and return the application below.

Application for Acceleration and Testing Out link

Staff Resources

District Curriculum Priorities 2015-16
Coaches' Role Matrix
District Assessment Calendar 2017-18
Report Card Marking Schedule
District Assessment Calendar Guiding Document
Illuminate Education Training Resource Page


K-5 Math Pacing Guides:

Kindergarten math pacing guide
1st Grade math pacing guide
2nd Grade math pacing guide
3rd Grade math pacing guide
4th Grade math pacing guide
5th Grade math pacing guide


K-5 Math At-a-Glance Guides:

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade

Curriculum News

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Curriculum Office Staff

Office Phone: (517) 699-1103

Mr. Steve Netzel

Executive Director of Curriculum and Staff Development

Mrs. Jessica Cotter

Director of Student Achievement and Staff Development

Mrs. Linn Gladstone


Mrs. Holly Scott

Pupil Accounting and Data Coordinator

Mr. Paul Lange

Skyward and Data Support Specialist