COVID-19 Updates

Holt Public has been continually monitoring the ever-evolving situation regarding the novel coronavirus. In accordance with recommendations from the Governor’s Office, we have canceled all face-to-face instruction, meetings, athletic events, and all other events scheduled to take place at our facilities through April 13, 2020. This date is tentative and may be extended depending on the guidance we receive from state and federal agencies. However, we are committed to serving you, our learning community, during this time and our business operations will continue.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update our website with new information as it becomes available.

I think I've Been Exposed to COVID-19, What Should I Do?

MDHHS Flowchart - I think I have been exposed to COVID-19, what should I do?

Proper Handwashing Techniques

steps for proper handwashing

Questions about COVID-19, call the MHHS Hotline 888-535-6136

Do the 5: Help Stop the Spread of Coronavirus


Help stop coronavirus:

  1. HANDS - Wash them often
  2. ELBOW - Cough into it
  3. FACE - Don't touch it
  4. SPACE - Keep safe distance
  5. HOME - Stay if you can