Mission Statement

Members of the Wilcox School community will work together to provide opportunities for all learners to reach a high level of academic achievement, as determined by district, state, and national standards. We will commit to providing various levels of support to ensure that all students learn, while fostering positive growth in social/emotional behaviors and attitudes.




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Wilcox Elementary School's

Vision Statement

As you enter Wilcox Elementary School, you will encounter a safe and welcoming learning community that celebrates success. The learning atmosphere, which is enthusiastic, challenging, and success-oriented, affords each student the opportunity for high achievement. It is our goal that all students and staff will love coming to school.

Each student will be exposed to a wide range of experiences that ensures academic success in all areas of curriculum. Students will be provided opportunities to achieve at or above grade level or receive intervention to enable their success. Differentiated instruction will enable students to be successful and establish a solid foundation of skills that can be applied to life experiences. Each student will be appropriately supported and challenged based on individual needs.

Students display a high sense of responsibility for their learning environment. The school community provides supports for the development of good values and positive behaviors in order to help students to hold themselves accountable for their own actions and accept the consequences of the choices they make.

(Students embrace their role as learners. Students come to school prepared, curious, eager to participate and devoted to their learning. They demonstrate independence and complete assignments without hesitation and are successful because they believe in who they are.)

Highly trained staff are progressive leaders who view each child as unique. All adults and children are respectful and kind to each other, creating safe learning environments. The school climate engenders respect; students feel confident and free to take risks.

The entire school community will promote positive relationships and a social network that will foster a sense of belonging.

Communication between students, staff, family, and community partners is open, caring, and friendly. We will praise and acknowledge skills and strengths, and communicate our successes. We will work together with the vision of helping students become productive members of the Wilcox Elementary School and society.

Traci Laura

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