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Math Resources

MSTEP practice sample item sets

Illuminate online testing

Summer Math Practice .pdf

Online Textbook
User name:  GetHelpSoon
Password:  2LoveMath

Connected Math Online Help and Hints

MSU Connected Math Parent Page

Connected Math Online Additional Homework Help (Stow/Monroe Falls City Schools Ohio)

Ask Dr. Math - Online Math Forum

Online Graphing Calculator

7th grade math video tutorials

Stretching and Shrinking

Scale Factor

Writing a rule (x,y) to (1.5x,1.5y) when given a shape on a grid

Twisted and turned triangles (corresponding sides and scale factor)

Finding the missing side of a triangle (scale factor)


Comparing and Scaling

Mixing Juice Comparing Ratios

Time, Rate, Distance and Miles per Hour Video tutorial

Best Deal, Best price, Greatest Value, (unit rate)


Accentuate the Negative

Number Sentences with Negative Numbers

Solving for “n” with negative numbers using addition and subtraction fact families

Adding and Subtracting with Negative Numbers


Moving Straight Ahead (Linear Graphing)

How to write an Equation from a Table part 1

Given an Equation, how to find it’s values on a table and points on a graph

Given a graph, how to write an equation

How to find the Break Even Point where two lines cross each other (solving a system of equations)

Supplementary Worksheets

Ratio and rate how to's .pdf

Ratio and rate how to p2 .pdf
Ratio and rate extra practice p.1.pdf
Ratio and rate extra practice p2 .pdf
Answer key to Ratio and rate extra practice .pdf

Similar Triangle Problem and answer key for those wanting to go above and beyond.pdf

Finding percents.pdf
Finding Percents using proportions .pdf
Finding Percents answer key .pdf

Adding and Subtracting with Negative Numbers Instructions .pdf