From the Superintendent

Dear Community:


As you know, I will be retiring this coming June after a 38-year career in K-12 public education with the last 20 years here in Holt.  As I reflect on my career, the warmest memories will always be of the many students I have come to know throughout the years, most of whom have gone on to become great assets to their families and the communities in which they live.  It is always gratifying to be approached by individuals, children and adults alike, who say, “Hi, Dr. Scott…” or “Do you remember…”
At the same time I, like many of you, have mixed feelings about the state of public education.  We are faced with added emphasis on testing, increased competition for a piece of the school funding pie (decentralization of funding to non-brick-and-mortar schools without similar regulations, colleges and others), and aging technology and bus fleets.  Coupled with combatting the irresponsible spread of misinformation via social media (which lack the customary ethical standards of journalism), public education will continue to face challenges.
Even though the landscape of public education in general may seem daunting, I am proud to leave the Holt Public School District in the hands of some tremendous adults who always put children first.  Our teachers and administrators are among the best and brightest anywhere. They are always seeking to improve their craft and are considered among the trailblazers within the mid-Michigan region when it comes to teaching and learning practices, structures and systems.  Likewise, our support personnel (paraeducators, secretaries, bus drivers, custodians, food service staff, recess/noon hour supervisors, and security staff) are the behind-the-scenes staff that ensures that on-stage teaching and learning occurs with minimum distractions.  I have been awed over and over again by the many acts of kindness and support I see adults perform day in and day out.


In closing, know that Holt Public Schools is in good hands as it moves forward in shaping the lives of everybody’s children, and I hope you will please join the momentum.
Best wishes for the future and know I am always a part of you…


With warm regards,

Johnny A. Scott, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools