From the Superintendent

As we enter the spring season, much of what has occurred in our schools during the school year may not have been readily noticeable.  The district has been focused on using Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS):  the practice of providing high quality instruction and interventions/supports that are matched to student needs to promote academic and behavioral success of all children.  Student progress is continually monitored and results are used to make decisions about further instruction and intervention.  This is used at all grade levels in the content areas of reading, math, and behavior.  There are specific practices, strategies and programs for the elementary, middle and high school levels.  For example, in our elementary schools we are getting encouraging reading achievement results by focusing on phonemic awareness (speech sounds), alphabetic principle (the relationship of letters and speech sounds), fluency (recognizing and understanding text with speed, accuracy and proper expression), vocabulary, and comprehension.  It is encouraging to see how the day-to-day practices in our schools focus on the end result of academic attainment.

So much of the news today deals with unpleasant situations.  I want to assure you that our teachers and staff in our schools are doing an unparalleled job of preparing our students for the challenges that lie ahead of them.  Meeting the demands of today’s changing educational expectations does not go without the acknowledgement of the ever-present need for improvement.  Our school district is committed to continual improvement.

On behalf of the members of the Board of Education, who so graciously volunteer their time for the betterment of our young people, I pledge our continued stewardship.  I thank them for their leadership and dedication, and as we work together, I know we will accomplish a great deal more. 


With warm regards,

Johnny A. Scott, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools