This page is designed for all alumni, individuals who attended Holt, current and former Holt staff and Holt Rams friends and family. Let us rekindle memories, rebuild friendships, embrace special times and people all with a safe and private format.

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CLASS OF 1967 - 50th Class Reunion - September 17, 2017 at Charlar's in Holt. More information to come. Join Holt Class of 1967 on Facebook.                                                                                                               


In Memoriam

The following lists are provided by other alumni and/or obituaries. The Holt Alumni Association does not guarantee the accuracy of these reports, but simply posts the information provided.

Class of 1935                                         Teacher/Staff

Allen (Marshall) Louise                           Peg Brown

Class of 1940                                          Dan Hovanesian

Ethel (Lott) Baker                                    Norm Garnett

Class of 1944                                          Virginia Heller

Marjory (O'Connor) Patton                     Janie Alysworth

Class of 1946                                         Juanita Grew

Dorothy (Crider) Smyth                          Helmut Jaguitis

Class of 1947                                         Jean McCaffrey

Laurie Wilson Allen                                 Al Inkala

Stanley Patten                                         Abby Reeser

Rose (DeChelbor) Peterson                  

Class of 1953                                          

Gloria (Sweet) Carter                           

Class of 1955                                                                      

Kay (Olson) Johnson

Class of 1956                                         

Clark Kintigh                                        

Class of 1959                                                                           

Robert Ribby

James Kelly, Jr.

Class of 1961

Donald Rey

Carol (Hunt) Ammon

Class of 1962

Garnet (Ralston) Chappell

Christine (Rey) Harrison

Class of 1963                                          

Ed Clark

Jamie (Stornant) Emerick-Doezema                                                

Class of 1964                                        

Michael Oakes

Jim Dayton

Archie Lewis

Class of 1965

Michael Lee King 

Linda (Pulver) Cripps

Class of 1966

Richard Mead

Class of 1967

John Phelps                                       

Class of 1968                                                                              

Michael Cady

George Mochmar                                                                                  

Class of 1972

Leo Ghastin

Kirk Shewchuck

Class of 1973                                                                    

Debbie (Brokenshire) Rush

Steven Dutcher

Class of 1974

Matt Schindewolf

Class of 1975

Dan Perez

Cindy (Ellis) Acuna

Class of 1976

Dennis Ridenour

Donald DeChelbor

Class of 1977

Daniel Curnow

Peggy Gibson

Class of 1981

Ann Jenkins

Class of 1987

Scott Specker

Class of 1989

Michael Bowler Jr.

Class of 1994

Sean Malone

Class of 2001

Shaun Boyd

Class of 2007

Johnathan Kerr